Netbeans is here!

A new IDE

I found Codiad to be limited in its capability, but I wanted to find another free IDE to use with the project.  I came across Netbeans. After a little wrangling, the RV project has a new IDE option!

I removed Codiad from installing and have left it up to the end user whether or not to add an IDE.

Installing Netbeans

In order to get Netbeans installed, the script found at [Projectroot]/bootstrapscripts/CentOS/ should be called from within the VM. This installs netbeans to the [Projectroot]/apps/netbeans81 folder, as well as pre-configures it with many settings.  The script is already suggested in the local.vagrant.yml.example file under the IDE category.

Running Netbeans

To run netbeans, you have a few options:

Run from the Host Machine

Since the application is installed to the [Projectroot]/apps directory, you can manually run the application by finding the appropriate executable under the [Projectroot]/apps/netbeans81/bin directory.  Please note that the host machine requires Java 8 or similar equivalent (e.g. openjdk 1.8) installed.  This will not come pre-configured for the vagrant project.  If you wish, you can extract and copy the configs from the [Projectroot]/buildFiles/configs folder and move them to your host’s user home directory.

Run from the vagrant box

If you choose to run Netbeans from the vagrant box, you must connect with a remote X session and then run:

$ netbeans

A remote X window session can be initiated by either using the ssh flag -X

$ ssh -X vagrant@website.vbox.local

or you can configure a Putty session using the instructions here, coupling it with XMing on Windows.

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