Rampant Vagrant – An Organic Project

Rampant Vagrant (RV) began as a minor side-venture, a means to develop Bryn Mawr College’s website locally on our workstations.  It quickly became a pet project, as I found myself adding more and more functionality to it (see the current feature list). RV builds out a LAMP environment on a CentOS 6 server and has many features that extend beyond just the LAMP stack.

In 2015, I attended DrupalCampPa, and a few people were interested in some of the features I was baking into RV. Documentation hasn’t been a strong suit, so it’s taken nearly a year to finally getting around to writing down what RV can fully do.

An initial disclaimer before you use this project: I readily acknowledge I have no expert insights into development.  RV and this companion blog were/ are a means for me to explore web development without breaking a production site, and I wanted to share the experience I’ve gained through the process.  I hope RV can help you as much as it has me!

Click below to start the walkthrough of setting up RV.